The time to reduce your tax burden is now

tax benefits

There is less than a month to tax-year end on 28 February, the time of the year when many of us prepare our tax returns. If you haven’t taken full advantage of the tax-deductible amount you’re donating to charitable causes, then now is the time to do so.

Making a donation to the GSB Foundation now will not only save you tax: this saving may then allow you to increase the amount you donate to others and benefit those you sponsor even more. 

How you can help us take Africa’s future leaders further

You can take advantage of the tax benefits available by donating to the GSB Foundation before the end of February in two convenient ways:

  1. Make a once-off donation via our secure online donation portal. Donate now
  2. Become a regular donor making recurring contributions by signing up for the R100-a-month campaign. You could also pay R1200 or more for the full year up front to boost your tax benefit. Donate now

Your tax benefits

If you are registered for tax in South Africa, you can donate up to 10% of your annual income without paying a cent of tax on it. We will also give you a Section 18A tax certificate to present to SARS, as we are a registered Public Benefit Organisation.  

Other countries where you can donate to the GSB Foundation with tax benefits include Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. Benefits vary from country to country, read more here.

For more information on ways to donate and the particular tax benefits for the country where you pay tax, please email us at

Your generosity will be much appreciated.

What your donations do

Your donations will enable future leaders to make the most of their time at the GSB, launching them into careers that we humbly hope will fulfil our stated vision of building leaders committed to building Africa.

This year we have been able to fund four full scholarships for the full-time MBA course. Asanda, Euston, Jane and Nobukhosi are on their way, supported by the contributions of generous GSB alumni. These graduates are already established professionals in their own right.