The impact of scholarship funding on future leaders

GSB Foundation scholar Shadi Lekgoathi

Shadi Lekgoathi, a GSB MBA 2021 and GSB Foundation Scholar, is featured in the “Entrepreneurship & Innovation” segment of the GSB Ideas Exchange, the online platform of the UCT GSB Press Office.

Reflecting on her MBA experience a year later, Shadi shares that it has had a profound impact on her self-perception and her ability to make a difference in the world. “The biggest takeaway from my MBA is my mindset change about Africa and my willingness not to leave but to stay here. What follows for me is […] to be interested in how my contribution fits into the larger ecosystem,” she explains. While challenges still exist, she’s changed her perspective to asking what opportunities might become available in the midst of these challenges. “How do we make people’s lives better?” she asks.

Rayner Canning, Business Development Director at the UCT GSB, adds, “It is incredibly important that as a school we make this funding available not only to boost the careers of individual students but for the benefit of the broader economy and society. We find that a large number of our graduates – as African leaders of substance – go on to add tremendous value to their work and society.”

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