Gearing up for the next step

GSB Foundation Scholar Refentse Masha

Refentse Masha / GSB MBA student 2023 and GSB Foundation scholar // My initial curiosity to pursue an MBA was sparked last year. I did an executive course similar to the MBA, which touched on strategy, financial management, talent management and those subjects. I applied what I had learned to my business and found it to be quite useful. With six years of experience scaling and selling my own start-up, I’m now eager to explore what the next step for me is. I chose GSB because I wanted a programme that was located in Africa, focussing on Africa – that’s where I want to operate going forward. I’m still very open-minded to what might happen after the MBA, but I know that I won’t have to start from scratch – I know the kind of structures that I need to have and what I’m learning here at the GSB. So when I return to the business world or decide to venture into corporate, I’m well equipped for my journey.