I’m currently studying for the MBA…

GSB Foundation Scholar Ntsikakazi Hene

Ntsikakazi “Kiki” Hene / GSB MBA 2017 student and GSB Foundation Scholar // I’m currently studying for the MBA and I noticed that until someone tells you “Go and do this assignment on this particular topic” you always just learn or read what you are comfortable with – you won’t actually expose yourself to other things that are going on around you; and I think that’s what the MBA taught me, to look beyond and not just to keep looking at what I know or what I’m comfortable with.

You only realise the value of an MBA later…

Team GSB Foundation for the Cape Epic 2017 - Mervyn Christoffels and partner

Mervyn Christoffels / GSB MOD MBA ’06, Executive Director ICT Systems at the University of South Africa and champion of the GSB Foundation’s Epic Scholarship // You only realise the value of an MBA some time after you have completed it. It can be a significant change agent, taking you out of your comfort zone. You have to toughen up to thrive – and you either take on the challenge or not. Yes, doing the course is definitely about acquiring key management skills but they only really count when they become part of your DNA, allowing you to deal with whatever comes your way.

Given what the GSB has done for me…

Peter Thorrington-Smith / GSB MBA ’69, Co-Founder of UTi Worldwide // Given what the GSB has done for me, it’s great that there is now a fund to which I can contribute to in order to express my thanks – and a fund that will allow bright and inspired entrepreneurs without the necessary financial resources to enjoy the GSB experience and make a difference in the world. There is no doubt that this can be a life-changer for talented young men and women.

Link between a B-School’s endowment and its ranking reveals its alumni engagement

Recently, an article published on LinkedIn “America’s Wealthiest Business Schools” cited a comparison between the endowment funds of America’s top business schools and their ranking – the outcome predictably is that the bigger the endowment the higher the school’s ranking.

Is that really a surprise. What the article hints at but does not mention is how those endowments have come about; this is of greater significance because the schools with the big endowments have highly developed alumni relations programmes which develop deep connections to the school and broad networks off which the school can leverage over time. The example of Harvard Business School in the article illustrates this point: during the Great Recession when [just about] all endowments were taking a knock, it increased its endowment by nearly 25% in only 4 years – to a massive $3.3-billion.

Strong alumni engagement is a critical element in building an endowment and seeing it through the lean years. A comprehensive, sustained alumni relations programme is the key to gaining that level of commitment from alumni, and the GSB Foundation works closely with the GSB Alumni Relations office to assist it in building these relations. You can help us by being a champion, an ambassador, within your MBA class – please contact us if you would like to get involved.

There are a great number of graduates…

Tiger Wessels / GSB MBA ’69, Co-Founder of UTi Worldwide, founding donor and trustee of the GSB Foundation //

There are a great number of graduates out there who feel exactly like we do – the school has given us so much for which we are extremely grateful. As a token of thanks, we are contributing to those who are still to come. We want to get the ball rolling and get the fund to a level where it can make a real difference to Africa.

Education is the place to give back…

Stewart Cohen / GSB MBA ’69, Co-Founder of Mr Price Group, founding donor and trustee of the GSB Foundation //

Education is the place to give back. If we can give back to education, we can redress past disadvantage and build a more diverse leadership. In turn, this allows us to give back to the students we fund, to the country we love and to the alumni who support us.