The GSB Foundation supports four distinct aspects of GSB life, namely: scholarships, faculty, research and facilities.

It is not enough for the leaders of today to simply financially assist and mentor the leaders of tomorrow. There is an equal need to generate innovative teaching ideas, support groundbreaking research, build relevant knowledge and maintain a world-class learning environment at the school.

We call on all GSB alumni to support our initiative. Your contributions will help upcoming generations of GSB students become our continent’s future leaders. In doing so, you fund far more than the individual: you fund all our futures.


The Foundation’s team will gladly assist you in giving expression to the specific contribution you wish to make and will ensure your generosity receives the recognition it deserves. Most financial contributions qualify for tax deductions.

The following options are available:

  • Named or anonymous donations to the endowment
  • Named or anonymous sponsorships
  • Bequests / leaving a legacy in your Will
  • In-kind donations (time or talent)
  • Donations via alumni class campaigns

Gifts of money, equities, fixed and immovable assets can be accepted.

For more information or to discuss your individual contribution in the strictest confidence, please contact us.

Sponsorship examples*


GSB MBA Full-Time Scholarship Period of 1 year R 304,010

The scholarship sponsors one (1) student/year to attend the full-time MBA at the GSB.


If you would like to support research projects through the GSB’s Emerging Market Case Writing Centre on a topic of mutual interest**, information is available on request.


One key aspect of ensuring the GSB facilities remain world-class is the new GSB Academic Conference Centre. See here for sponsorship options for this important facility.

Sponsorship of facilities in the existing GSB building is available on request.

*All options are pending approval by the GSB and/or the University of Cape Town (UCT) Council and/or the **GSB Ethics Committee.