MBA Plus One

The MBA Plus One fundraiser is based on the belief that every graduate GSB MBA should give back to one MBA scholarship over his or her lifetime.

Stewart Cohen, GSB MBA ’69, Chairperson of the GSB Foundation’s Board of Trustees and co-founder of retailer Mr Price, writes in a passionate letter why everyone should get involved:

Why Africa needs leaders like you now more than ever

Some say success comes from hard work. Some say it’s about innate ability. Some say it’s down to connections, timing and luck. Some say it’s all of these things.

But maybe it’s also about being given an opportunity.

Whichever it is, I am hoping that you believe, like me, that your time at the GSB has contributed to your success. If you do, perhaps it is time to put a ‘pay-it-forward’ price on that legacy – and, indeed, create one yourself.

Here’s the challenge. We need more MBAs operating in the private and public sectors in South Africa, adding commercially relevant dynamism to our struggling economy. By contributing to a fund that makes it possible for less privileged people to study for an MBA, you could help our society and settle an obligation. That seems a fair deal.

To make it even easier to settle your debt, you can have your entire career to pay it off. Now that’s an even better deal! Put simply, we are asking that every GSB MBA graduate should give back at least one MBA during his or her lifetime. We call this the MBA Plus One pledge. And yes, we know that request sits alongside a number of contributions you are already asked to make to this developing nation of ours, but it remains, we feel, one that is both relevant and achievable. Perhaps, even, essential.

Help to fund an MBA and help build leaders building Africa

Whether you are a new MBA graduate or at the end of your career, we are asking you to make a contribution that, cumulatively, will sponsor one deserving candidate to study for the GSB MBA. Big or small, a one-off gift, bequest or monthly donation, it all counts – whatever you can contribute will help.

The GSB Foundation hopes that every single MBA graduate is able to make a commitment, no matter how small, to building a new generation of African business leaders and strengthening the GSB in the process. Please don’t disappoint the hundreds of aspiring MBAs determined to make a difference to our continent – or the Business School that gave you such a great opportunity to be successful yourself.

I look forward to all 5000 MBA graduates from the past 50 years getting involved by contributing to the GSB Foundation’s MBA Plus One pledge.

Stewart Cohen
Chairperson, Board of Trustees of the GSB Foundation

Take the MBA Plus One pledge today

You can support the campaign by making a contribution in one of the following ways:

  • Make a once-off donation Donate Now
  • Make a regular donation by joining the R100-a-month quest Donate Now
  • Make a bequest to the GSB Foundation Read More

Donations to the GSB Foundation are tax-deductible. See our Tax Information page for more details.