Our aim? To expand access to the UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB) to the most talented candidates, regardless of their financial circumstances.

We believe this will change the nature of leadership in the private, public and social sectors in South Africa as graduates grow in their careers, supported by the mentoring input of the alumni network and scholarships. At the same time, the Foundation seeks to sustain the high quality of GSB education by assisting with funds for faculty, research, and facilities.

GSB Foundation - Areas of focus infographic

We believe the Foundation provides a profound opportunity for GSB alumni to leave their mark on the future of our continent – by building great African leaders intent on building a great African continent. We would like you to join us in that quest.

The GSB Foundation is about enabling new possibilities and firing up imaginations. It is about changing the nature of leadership in Africa – and in this complex, ever-faster-transforming world, that takes concerted and constant commitment.

The intention is to afford the most talented students an opportunity to benefit from a world-class education and ongoing alumni mentoring, regardless of their financial circumstances. That in turn will create a diverse leadership that can play a role in raising the level of management in business, in NGOs, in parastatals and in government.

GSB alumni and like-minded supporters are at the core of the Foundation – not only through financial contribution, but also through their potential to offer guidance, coaching, and mentorship. The Foundation therefore provides a platform from which we can share a joint vision, and, most important of all, leave a lasting legacy.