It’s useful to have a combination of traits…

Ian Kantor

Ian Kantor / GSB MBA ’69, Founder of Investec // As a business leader, it is useful to have a combination of traits. I cannot limit this to a single attribute. To begin with, character, drive and integrity. Secondly, an understanding that building a business goes beyond just the money. It is also about an awareness and a determination that is socially motivated. Thirdly, an ability to take an idea and turn it into reality, but also to figure out what ideas there could be when confronted with reality. Next, an ability to move quickly where necessary, but also to have the patience and strength to wait for things to develop, with all that that entails. Finally, interpersonal skills. To be able to listen to others and empathise in order to find a common ground with others and an ability to build collective will with counter parties both internally and externally. Running a business is top sport, and it is really tough without good health. In my opinion, these traits are universal no matter where in the world you do business.

A warm welcome to newly appointed GSB Director Dr Catherine Duggan

Catherine Duggan, Director of the UCT GSB

The GSB Foundation Board of Trustees joins the academic community of the University of Cape Town (UCT) in congratulating Dr Catherine Duggan on her appointment as Director of the UCT Graduate School of Business (UCT GSB). We extend a warm welcome and look forward to an inspiring new chapter at the school.

Dr Duggan joins the UCT GSB as Director on September 1st 2020. With a background in political science, Dr Duggan has spent more than 20 years working on the African continent. She comes with a wealth of experience of various countries of the continent, their market and business environments as well as research in business and development.

Before joining the GSB, Dr Duggan held the position of Vice Dean for Strategy and Research at the African Leadership University School of Business (ALUSB) in Rwanda, where she was a Professor of Management and Political Economy. Dr Duggan also taught at Saïd Business School, UK and Harvard Business School, USA during her career. 

Dr Duggan is currently in New York and – considering the COVID regulations on international travel and local university life – we hope to greet her soon in person at our beautiful Cape Town campus.

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The MBA at the GSB is very much unique…

GSB Foundation Scholar Damian Malgas

Damian Malgas / GSB MBA student 2020 and GSB Foundation scholar // I find that the MBA at the GSB is very much unique – there’s a massive focus on understanding your place in society. Every course includes Sustainable Development Goals or externalities in one way or another, and that’s really cool and interesting. We are going deep into understanding that business doesn’t exist in a vacuum – it affects not only your employees and your customers, not only your triple-bottom-line; it affects society as a whole. And that’s something I really enjoy and can subscribe to. Acknowledging that the GSB is so focused on shaping you as a holistic business person allowed me to submit to the process and fully embrace all the material that’s coming our way.

The scholarship affords me…

GSB Foundation Scholar Asanda Manina

Asanda Manina / GSB MBA student 2019 and GSB Foundation scholar // The GSB Foundation scholarship affords me the opportunity to be here on campus, full-time, and 100% focused on the MBA, an opportunity that I wouldn’t otherwise have had. But getting the scholarship is more than the financial windfall. It’s also about the fact that someone looked at you and they had this belief that firstly you deserve this and also that you’ll do it justice, you know? It’s like a pat on the back, a confirmation of “Yes, you can do this” – and to get that from people you don’t know is really amazing, it’s an amazing feeling.

The time to reduce your tax burden is now

tax benefits

There is less than a month to tax-year end on 28 February, the time of the year when many of us prepare our tax returns. If you haven’t taken full advantage of the tax-deductible amount you’re donating to charitable causes, then now is the time to do so.

Making a donation to the GSB Foundation now will not only save you tax: this saving may then allow you to increase the amount you donate to others and benefit those you sponsor even more. 

How you can help us take Africa’s future leaders further

You can take advantage of the tax benefits available by donating to the GSB Foundation before the end of February in two convenient ways:

  1. Make a once-off donation via our secure online donation portal. Donate now
  2. Become a regular donor making recurring contributions by signing up for the R100-a-month campaign. You could also pay R1200 or more for the full year up front to boost your tax benefit. Donate now

Your tax benefits

If you are registered for tax in South Africa, you can donate up to 10% of your annual income without paying a cent of tax on it. We will also give you a Section 18A tax certificate to present to SARS, as we are a registered Public Benefit Organisation.  

Other countries where you can donate to the GSB Foundation with tax benefits include Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. Benefits vary from country to country, read more here.

For more information on ways to donate and the particular tax benefits for the country where you pay tax, please email us at

Your generosity will be much appreciated.

What your donations do

Your donations will enable future leaders to make the most of their time at the GSB, launching them into careers that we humbly hope will fulfil our stated vision of building leaders committed to building Africa.

This year we have been able to fund four full scholarships for the full-time MBA course. Asanda, Euston, Jane and Nobukhosi are on their way, supported by the contributions of generous GSB alumni. These graduates are already established professionals in their own right.

Four GSB Foundation scholars are on track for the 2019 MBA

GSB Foundation Scholars 2019 with Linda and Peter

Linda and Peter extended a warm welcome to the 2019 scholars of the GSB Foundation. Nobukhosi, Jane, Asanda and Euston will be studying for the MBA on a full-time basis this year, supported by the Foundation.

The scholars, each in their own right, are seasoned professionals ready for the next challenge. Nobukhosi carved out her career in construction and Jane in retail marketing; Asanda climbed the ranks in accounting and financial services, and Euston in geoscience and mining.

The GSB Foundation scholarship provides for tuition fees, mentoring, and other non-financial support of scholars throughout the year; the assistance is enabled solely by the contributions of time, treasure and talent by GSB Alumni. Candidates for the scholarship have passed all UCT GSB entry requirements and been offered a place on the GSB MBA Programme prior to applying to be considered for a scholarship.

Congratulations on your amazing achievements thus far and wishing you a great start on campus! We look forward to being a part of your journey this year.

GSB Foundation welcomes the MBA students of 2019

Peter Wingrove in talk with GSB MBA 2019 classes

The students of the 2019 GSB MBA classes – full-time and modular – started on campus and orientation week is in full swing. Earlier in the week, students followed the invitation of the GSB Foundation and met with Peter Wingrove, the Foundation’s Managing Director, for an informal session on the Foundation’s work and offerings.

Peter started the session with explaining the big picture, that the students are now part of the GSB Alumni network; a network that spans 5000+ graduates in more than 80 countries across the globe. It is these alumni who support the GSB Foundation, united by the vision to enable the future generations of GSB Graduates.

The students of 2019 hail from many countries, including Angola, India, Belgium, Germany, Canada and of course, South Africa. They can tap into the GSB Alumni network during the time of their studies and beyond. They can also get involved, from wherever their paths will take them. The students also asked questions relating to the Foundation, the Alumni network and managing the workload of the MBA programme. Peter, being a GSB MBA Graduate himself, was able to give advice on how students can make the most of their time and how to start growing their network.

As mentioned by Peter at the end of the session – the team of the GSB Foundation wishes all MBA students of 2019 a productive and inspiring time on campus and we look forward to engaging with you!

The Foundation’s scholarships enable…

Segran Nair

Segran Nair / GSB MBA ’05 and Director of Open Academic Programmes at the GSB // One of the biggest cost components of the MBA is tuition; so where individuals are able to receive a scholarship towards their tuition it’s a huge burden released. Also, in the context of South Africa, many historically disadvantaged individuals still tend to have multiple financial obligations that extend beyond their immediate financial commitments, for example, the need to financially support an extended family. Having the ability to receive a scholarship then not only enables them to get onto the GSB MBA programme but ensures that they can continue supporting their families. It makes a tremendous difference to allow deserving individuals the opportunity to study on a full-time basis. And as much as there are no formal strings attached to these scholarships, there is a principle of paying it forward – from those individuals that were supported so far, each one has shown commitment in terms of giving back to the school at some later point in time.

Alumna fundraiser honoured with award

Sandy Mattison GSB Director's Alumni Award 2018

Sandy Mattison (GSB MBA ‘97) received the 2018 GSB Director’s Alumni Award in the category “Contribution in building alumni relationships”. The award was presented at the 2018 GSB Graduation Ball, 22 June 2018 at Century City Conference Centre, by Acting UCT GSB Director Associate Professor Kosheek Sewchurran.

Sandy is passionate about the GSB MBA programme and the GSB Foundation’s work of supporting students with their studies. A GSB alumna herself, she wanted to get involved and she certainly set the bar high: Her aim was to raise R100,000 towards an MBA scholarship.

The idea of the fundraiser was sparked at the reunion of the MBA Class of ’97 in December 2017 and soon thereafter, Sandy started rallying for the cause. In co-operation with the GSB Foundation, a dedicated Class of ’97 MBA Scholarship Fund was set up. Within six months she had gathered more than twenty individual pledges from class colleagues over R5,000 each and the funds raised exceeded the amount she initially set out to achieve.

The GSB Foundation congratulates Sandy on her hard work and fully supports this wonderful recognition of her efforts by the GSB. We are deeply grateful for her initiative and extraordinary dedication. Due to Sandy’s efforts and that of her class colleagues, another student will be able to complete the GSB MBA programme with the support of the GSB alumni network.

Sandy’s class is one of several classes now raising funds for MBA scholarships at the GSB – if you would like to know more, please see the GSB Foundation’s Alumni Campaigns page. The Director’s Alumni Awards were initiated in 2007 and annually honour alumni of the GSB who have made an outstanding contribution to the alma mater.

I love interacting with people! As part of my work…

Linda Fasham, Executive Consultant at the GSB Foundation

Linda Fasham / Executive Consultant at the GSB Foundation // I love interacting with people! As part of my work at the GSB Foundation, I organise events where alumni meet and connect with captains of industry. Having just retired from being the GSB Alumni Relations Manager for many years, it was a natural progression for me to join the Foundation when it started out. Working at the Foundation is about ongoing communication and relationship building. It’s a personal relationship – people know your name after all these years of being involved with alumni affairs. I enjoy the fact that, through our work, I am still engaging with the alumni of the Business School. All that we do at the Foundation speaks to the loyalty and passion that alumni have for their alma mater; I hope that our work is a true expression of this and will enrich the connectedness of our alumni.